Resistors - BD

For the 70th anniversary of General de Gaulle's appeal, many books paying tribute to June 18 have been released in recent weeks. The comic strip being no exception with the release of the first volume of "Resistors". Come and discover the fate of Sonia, André and Louis in a romance in the heart of occupied Paris.

The story

June 14, 1940. Sonia, a Jewish Communist, and her fiancé André leave the occupied capital with Louis, a small scheming without great stature encountered at the bend of a street. Arrived in Brittany, André decides to join General de Gaulle in London while Sonia chooses the clandestine struggle from within, member of a communist resistance group. Her perfect command of the German language led her to infiltrate the Kommandantur of Paris by serving as a translator for Colonel Schneider, the latter not being fooled as to his Jewish origins and his underground activities.

Our opinion

The theme of resistance has received very little attention in the comic book world, but one cannot help but quote the excellent "Flight of the Crow" by Jean-Pierre Girard and his magnificent Jeanne. It seems obvious from reading "Resistances" that the authors were influenced by Girard's comics, we find a little the same type of characters and I imagine that the red beret that Sonia wears in some of the "resistances" boards is a tribute to the red beret that Jeanne systematically wears in "Le vol du Corbeau". This first volume encapsulates the various protagonists of this story planned in 4 volumes, which explains why we find some delays in the scenario. Claude Plumail's unadorned drawing perfectly serves the story that swells the ranks of comics devoted to the occupation and resistance, such as "the flight of the raven" or "Once upon a time in France".


Le Lombard Edition

Screenplay: Jean-Christophe Derrien

Drawing: Claude Plumail

Color: Scarlett

Volume 1: The Call (2010)

Forthcoming :

Volume 2: The Evil Wind

Volume 3: Marianne

Volume 4: The Price of Blood and Tears

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