The Grand Duke (BD)

Aviation series are very special in the comic book world, and luckily aren't limited to Buck Danny or the Sky Knights. Romain Hugault is one of those cartoonists passionate about aviation (himself a confirmed pilot and whose father was a pilot in the Air Force), and who gives a facelift to the genre, and to whom In particular, the series “Beyond the clouds”, which has won numerous awards and which we will talk about soon. The Grand Duke, a comic ... aerial.

Summary (back cover)

Winter 1943. In the hell of the Eastern Front, the all-powerful Luftwaffe has total supremacy of the sky and pours a deluge of fire and steel on the routed Russian troops. Faced with the Nazi steamroller, the Soviet aviation has little but the heroism of its pilots to oppose it in an attempt to slow down its inexorable advance.

Lilya is one of those "Night Witches", tasked with harassing the enemy, flying on slow and outmatched aircraft, doomed in advance, but firmly resolved to make their sacrifice dearly paid!

Facing her, Wulf is only one of the innumerable steel feathers of the Hitler Eagle ... But a rebellious, undisciplined feather ... and above all deeply anti-Nazi!

Our opinion

The first thing that strikes you when reading the Grand Duke is the bluffing quality of the drawing and especially the modeling of the planes which is simply magnificent, all masterfully colored for real immersion.

Yann’s scenario is very well done in the duality of opposing extremist regimes. He is careful to underline the absurdity of the propaganda on both sides, through characters who can sometimes be found a little too caricature. But we find all the humor and cynicism of this great screenwriter.

The very successful Grand Duke is to be read urgently, impatiently awaiting the third and final volume. He received the prize for the Best Album and the Best Color at the aeronautical comic strip meetings at Le Bourget 2008, as well as the prize of the General Council of Young People of Charente in Angoulême in 2009.


Video: The Grand Duke Act 2CORRECTED - DOyly Carte - Gilbert u0026 Sullivan (January 2022).